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Getting to the Top of the Search Results
April 7, 2022

When a company’s name gets turned into a verb, you know they have influence. So when customers search/Google for the services you offer, you want to be sure they find your organization quickly and easily.


Here are four simple things to consider to make sure you get to the top of a search result:


1.     Lists are king

Google prefers easy-to-read answers. Large blocks of text aren’t very user friendly – a list format is easier for the reader to take in and process. Try to frame your posts around numbered lists or bullet points. “5 Tips for cooking the perfect egg” returns better results than “How to cook the perfect egg.”


2.     Get to the…SQUIRELL!!

It’s not just kids that have short attention span. And that means you have a very short timeline to get to the point with your visitor.


Google and other search engines know this as well and so they lower the score on content-heavy webpages that are pumped full of keywords. Instead, they are more concerned with key phases and short sentences that capture the user’s query. Try to focus on a smaller number of key phases, content that poses and answers questions, rather than large pages that try to tell every detail. There’s no need to throw all your nuts at once.


3.     Think like your customer

People visit websites to solve problems – what restaurant to go to; where to buy shoes; how to build a fence, etc. You are the expert on your subject matter. But before you can share that expertise, you need to be able to answer a searcher’s questions.


Perhaps you blog about feeding birds or sell bird seed and someone wants to know what’s the best food for Blue Jays. You could put on your site titles or content like: “Blue Jays prefer larger nuts like peanuts and acorns.”  But using a title such as “How to attract Blue Jays” or “What do Blue Jays eat?” will better answer their question and get them to your website faster. Use the best food to attract the biggest prey!


4.     Describe your page properly

Most page builders and every SEO plugin let you easily edit the description of a page’s content. Called a meta description, these are snippets of text that provide a brief summary of a web page, and they allow you to dictate the text search engines display under your listing.


Keywords in meta descriptions are picked up by Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., so be sure this description best represents your content. Technically a meta description can be of any length, but Google will truncate snippets to about 160 characters. You will also want the page title to be found within the meta description.  Naming the page makes it easier for Google to find the page.


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