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Three ways to improve your SEO
January 24, 2022

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) measures how easily places like Google, Bing and Yahoo can find your website. Want more traffic? Make sure you’re set up so search engines will push your site to the top of the page.


Here are three practices that will help:


URL Resolve

Websites will typically use two URL’s. For example; and But Google’s algorithm will see that as two different pages with duplicate content. By adding a URL resolve in your .htaccess file all traffic will be directed to one URL regardless of the version they search in their browser.

Two is not always better than one -- UR’L sure to see benefits from doing this.


XML Sitemap

Ever go a store knowing exactly what you want to buy but can’t find it? Well even Google needs to know where to send a visitor when they are looking for something. An XML sitemap is a file that provides information of what’s stored where on your site. It’s shared with search engines to make it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for.

Make life easy for yourself and Google – give them a map of your site.



Reputation is built on word of mouth. For search engines, having your site mentioned on other sites is a sign you have valuable content and thus you should be ranked higher. These are called backlinks and Google loves them. But how do you get other sites to link to yours? The best way is to make sure you have quality, share-worthy content on your own site, and then share that through social media and ads. Hopefully, others will pick up the messaging and share it with their own audiences.

But a warning…don’t purchase backlinks; that can actually hurt your score. Reputations are earned, not bought.


To learn more about these and other tips that will increase your SEO, drop us a line.