Our approach

To tell a great story, you need a great plan, something more than flowcharts and checklists. For Blueprint, success is based on

co-operation and communication.

Our process

Over the years we’ve honed an approach that has been successful for all manner of clients and projects. But we don’t make you fit our template. Our approach understands and recognizes you have your own unique goals and dreams. And it counts on your feedback and approval each step of the way.

We also know the importance of context. Blueprint provides solutions that fit your organization’s mission and values, and considers the environment in which you operate.

INTRODUCING THE CONCEPT REFINING AND OPTIMIZING DEFINING THE SCOPE MEASURING SUCCESS DEVELOPING A STRATEGY IMPLEMENTING THE PLAN You have an idea…let’s talk about it. Even a brief conversation can help us define what you’re looking for and how we can help. Whether you want to see a change in scope or goals, if the environment has shifted or we see ways to improve the effectiveness of the project, we modify the plan to maximize results. Nailing down what’s going to be involved in your project. We’ll take your idea and outline a solution that considers the project’s goals, deliverables, timelines and budget. What are the Key Performance Indicators? Are they being met? You want to maximize the value of your investment, so we keep a close eye on metrics throughout the project. Determining how we will go from where you are now to where you want to be. It includes identifying what tools to use and the “who’s doing what” needed to successfully carry out the project. Successful execution requires a demanding attention to detail, careful monitoring of milestones and recurring progress reports. We build into each plan a communication schedule to keep everything on track and to head off any “things” that may arise. 1 6 2 5 3 4