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Schools are built on mountains of data. Some of it needs to be shared between different groups, some of it is integrated into multiple databases, and all of it needs to be kept secure. Blueprint developed HWCDSB’s myPath App, a student records system that allows secondary students and guidance staff to safely and efficiently manage much of that essential information.

From a mobile device or a computer, students can see their grades, track their attendance, view descriptions of courses offered at their school and register for classes. Guidance staff use the app to track student performance and communicate with students and their parents/caregivers.


Although all of the data sit on an integrated database, students can only access and change certain fields, maintaining security and data integrity.


Simplifying the hiring process for everyone


The HWCDSB’s Co-Operative Education program oversees several thousand students, from seven different secondary schools, applying for placements from hundreds of employers across dozens of different sectors. It was a cumbersome process that lacked standardization from school to school and from employer to employer. For students and staff, it was an administrative nightmare.

Blueprint has developed an app that allows all three partners – students, co-op teachers and employers – to handle their own responsibilities in the application process through a secure online portal:


• Employers post the positions they are offering

• Students can search, review and apply for positions based on their own interests, requirements and location

• Co-op teachers oversee placements, track the status of applications and assist students and employers as necessary

From their Dashboard, employers can add, edit and delete their own postings, as well as do things like schedule interviews with students

Much of the communication throughout the application process is automatic, triggered by changes in the application status, and the records of the placements are uploaded directly to the students’ academic record.


The result is a seamless process that gives each partner in the process their own clearly-defined roles and responsibilities. There is also centralized oversight to ensure efficiency and security every step of the way.