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In the summer of 2018, three organizations that support the Canadian dairy industry merged. Each had its own unique brand, served a particular aspect of the dairy industry and worked with different groups of farmers, businesses and regulatory agencies. It was a herd of many breeds.

Blueprint was contracted to develop an entirely new brand, including name, logo and tagline. The challenge was in coming up with something that represented an entirely new organization, while retaining a connection with the industry as a whole. Each of the three organizations had representation on the committee overseeing the naming and branding project. Oh, and it had to work in both French and English.


The name we proposed – Lactanet – pulls in the two core thrusts of the new organization. “Lacta,” a nod to the root word for milk in both languages, and “net” which describes the interconnected network of services offered by the organization.

The tagline – The Canadian Network for Dairy Excellence – reflects that mission and purpose, and the ten “drops” represent the 10 provinces the organization serves and the range of services it provides.


The colours, fonts and direction of the letters all speak to a clean look that is optimistic and forward-looking, and which reflect the organization’s future.